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Change Display Name Color in Plurk

Plurk have recently added some new features in Plurk. The new feature allows user to change the color of their display name. Users can either use red, blue or green color for their display name.

How to change your Display Name Color in Plurk?

1. Click My Profile link

2. Under the General Tab, you'll be able to change your Display Name Color.

3. Select a color, then try to save your updates.

What's Plurk Verified Account?

Another update on Plurk is the Plurk Verified Account. Plurk uses this to establish authenticity of well known accounts so users can trust that a legitimate source is authoring their plurks.

Any account with a Verified Badge is a Verified Account.

You may read more about the Plurk Verified Account at http://www.plurk.com/Verify/intro

Chang Plurk Display Name Color in Plurk

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Plurk Hidden Emoticons-Update

I always update this post, so keep on checking for New Plurk Emoticon Updates. Your comment will also be appreciated . Happy Plurking!


As of August 19, 2011, emoticons that is uploaded by Plurk users no longer works. The good news about this is that you can now upload your own set of emoticon and even make use of the emoticons uploaded by other users.

Set 1 - User Emoticons

(This set works by directly posting the entire URL of the emoticon. Unluckily there is no associated text that you can use to post them on your Plurks.)

New Hidden Plurk Emoticon:

Updated (8/13/11):

- http://emos.plurk.com/add7e691c563f54609705a0d6eb27b1c_w22_h22.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/ab9029cee02bf825d96d22b2832cb86c_w43_h21.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/ab9029cee02bf825d96d22b2832cb86c_w43_h21.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/d9ed00d7b162779b6f33ba4378090233_w25_h42.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/a3bcb2ade2211ac9cc5aecf67448ed58_w24_h24.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/f90af33f4cc01ba88adb99ccf747aec8_w48_h48.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/14e1ca83adfc3cd09e144a2988702881_w41_h27.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/7c79f78937f5e25644ca7add62f14a8d_w41_h27.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/02f0ba226e329c63b0a082f44ffef9fc_w41_h27.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/420f25913fa89894a1c61ac0654e4ac8_w41_h27.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/8cceb1289c64cb3b44f6f6da7b3d6cc3_w22_h22.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/b27fc8238183a6c221d1f69c874da4d9_w19_h19.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/871e3710bbfbc0c106f610b5574ea192_w19_h19.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/c02504441e39444838a743e4b5bbde78_w20_h20.gif


- http://emos.plurk.com/514e1cfa8f84c79da4d96d8cb5e93aeb_w18_h18.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/28afdbdbe4b3151467cdba83b46ad7eb_w20_h18.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/f4dc314c81bbc0e0291940e2be5ffb2e_w38_h20.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/b2c79c4e48d7aa0c38a434df53458723_w38_h18.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/425e9b25655a4d2c5ea4dd3704f74f0b_w46_h20.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/5bf0b4db42969d1cb5ec8ed7a9171dda_w44_h20.gif


- http://emos.plurk.com/60aa887d9df35dfb283788df8d740fe1_w54_h16.png

- http://emos.plurk.com/d386fee9d60c2afabeeaa87562c59747_w27_h12.png


- http://emos.plurk.com/1ff4f9a530c38ed18dfe0c205c784a15_w18_h18.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/5d4deee5f48a2526491dc984362e57a5_w80_h80.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/6f6489f2f961dbf20cb79604f1bcc2f8_w27_h20.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/4a8042602eab8dffc29c30e85b608e59_w25_h22.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/2a44dee48405428b297cc8bc6c9ace3a_w34_h26.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/b4b8bd969c63fe7adffd6c42f651b795_w24_h24.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/a4364cc0987a9aa4b29e928a8f86bb68_w16_h16.png

- http://emos.plurk.com/dc9a97a13f03d61dac5c242cf54b909d_w16_h16.png

- http://emos.plurk.com/f8c9dd9ba3f9858e92bc32c5aa50f598_w18_h17.png

- http://emos.plurk.com/1bb4ad7a4537736909d4aae550d963f5_w18_h18.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/cf21e2fd3cbbbd1157faf60d491f36bb_w22_h18.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/9516653845808be8132c8434f5f20a94_w18_h18.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/c002dec697a38c73203d20f938159a50_w13_h12.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/e4bc489e5d83193bc02ff346142e5d5a_w13_h12.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/0773bc5952486007c6d0ab164c0d591a_w13_h12.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/7ef4a33e7818e2040a902a808397a8a4_w18_h18.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/48f65db11bfbd25e5b6d8f1ad69876d5_w34_h18.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/595b57b9899afc5aa42b6590227bfa0c_w22_h18.gif


- http://emos.plurk.com/f83923c724cfc51c039c88dd32a084f7_w18_h18.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/b6ebb0a088fa352ee03ed6f760fb319d_w16_h16.png

- http://emos.plurk.com/497ac1c1f4fdd904680ddf78f8ba4050_w60_h60.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/38882057a5d5ac85f0b20ad0220e08f9_w50_h50.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/f61ee4d0a8c76308dde2f08815848774_w16_h16.png


- http://emos.plurk.com/376728e58c750bab98fd825d7817259b_w33_h35.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/8ca920d66287b6e2999b8ea7f0af844e_w25_h29.gif

- http://emos.plurk.com/887e383335c5b8e3e4f9d2c66bcd2988_w20_h20.png


- http://emos.plurk.com/e3ea0a309e68d03438442cf4a1a54dcd_w19_h19.gif


- http://emos.plurk.com/2f9aceca81ef4edefb35e737ed7279ba_w41_h24.png

- http://emos.plurk.com/616a6487eec338d17e1e21c8edeff4f5_w52_h16.png

- http://emos.plurk.com/debf0f0ad3ce1d244c82b5d823ba02ae_w45_h16.png

- http://emos.plurk.com/f47339923cbabe37535c74b160bb7c7a_w31_h15.png

Set 2

Emoticon - Associated Text (code)

- (flower)

- (code)

- (yarr)

- (no_dance)

- (droid_dance)

- (banana_gym)

Set 3 - The OKOK Emoticons

Emoticon - Associated Text (code)

- (code_okok)

- (gym_okok)

- (yarr_okok)

- (angry_okok)

- (hungry_okok)

- (wave_okok)

- (dance_okok)

- (taser_okok)


Set 4 - The Troll Emoticons

Emoticon - Associated Text (code)

- (troll)

- (gtroll)

- (fuu)

- (gfuu)

- (yay)

- (gyay)

- (aha)

- (gaha)

- (yea)

- (gyea)

- (jazzhands)


- (gpokerface)

- (whatever)

- (gwhatever)

Set 5 - Valentine Set

(Works on Valentines Day only)

Emoticon - Associated Text (code)

- (v_tiffany)

- (v_love)

- (v_perfume)


Set 6 - Christmas Set

(Works on Christmas day only)

Emoticon - Associated Text (code)


- (xmas2)

- (xmas3)

- (xmas4)

Set 7 - Chinese Day Set

(Works on Chinese day only)

Emoticon - Associated Text (code)

- (lantern_happy)

- (lantern_health)

- (lantern_fortune)

- (lantern_love)

- (lantern_peace)

- (lantern_well)

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We’re moving to a new domain soon…

Due to some problems with our Web Host Provider. Justaboutit.niz.nf will be moving on to a new domain soon... We'll keep you posted once we get our new domain.!

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Plurk’s New Emoticons

Just because I really love Plurk, I have compiled some of the new emoticons of Plurk that is not shown on your Basic, Extra and 100 Karma set of emoticons.

New Plurk Emoticons

From Left to Right:


Enjoy Plurking! :) Go for Karma 100! :D (devil)


You may also use the pirate-like emoticon by typing (yarr)

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Plurk’s new emoticon: The Soccer Ball and the BZZZ!

Yow there Plurk fanatics! Plurk have recently added a new emoticon for soccer fans. The new soccer ball emoticon could be use by typing (goal) on your Plurks!
I don't know if what does the (bzzz) emoticon is(I think it resembles a baseball bat), but you can also use it to your Plurks by typing (bzzz).

My Plurk News: I have my Karma down to 99.96. My ISP is down. Someone have stolen the copper wires. (idiot)

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