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Plurk’s new emoticon: The Soccer Ball and the BZZZ!

Yow there Plurk fanatics! Plurk have recently added a new emoticon for soccer fans. The new soccer ball emoticon could be use by typing (goal) on your Plurks!
I don't know if what does the (bzzz) emoticon is(I think it resembles a baseball bat), but you can also use it to your Plurks by typing (bzzz).

My Plurk News: I have my Karma down to 99.96. My ISP is down. Someone have stolen the copper wires. (idiot)

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What’s with Adobe CS5?

Geez! I think I'm so so late with my Adobe Photoshop version. I'm currently using CS3, I still use it because:

  • I'm already used to it.
  • Everyone is still using CS3.
  • I can't afford to upgrade it right now.
  • It's the one that is installed in our office, friends pc, and even internet cafe. I even have it on my flash drive.


Adobe had released a new version of their Adobe creative suite last April 10, 2010, in which includes the following:

I haven't tried using CS4 or even CS5, but after watching the clip below I have been interested securing a copy.

Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended
If you do want a 30-day trial of the software, you may secure your trial-copy on the link provided below:
Get your FREE Adobe Photoshop CS5 NOW!

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New Address for Just About IT

Just About IT will also be available/accessible at www.justaboutit.tk.

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Watch TV and listen to the Radio Online for FREE!

I don’t have a personal TV on my room, and so I dig the web to search for a free online TV streaming that would allow me watch some local shows.AMFMPH is a website that allows you to do free online radio, and TV streaming. I was like watching Filipino shows here for about a year. The streaming comes in a low resolution so sometimes it looks pixelated. At times, you will need to refresh the feed for you to continue watching shows, it’s like they have a cut-off time for your streaming.

Here are some of the local TV Stations available at the website:

ABC TV5 Live Streaming
ABS-CBN Kapamilya Live Streaming
DZRH TV Live Streaming
GMA 7 Kapuso Live Streaming
NBN TV Live Streaming
Net 25 Live Online

For Radio Streaming, stations are available at the link below:
Stream FREE now!

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Add a style to your Google Homepage

I found this fascinating quote today:

Now you can add and change the beautiful background images on Google.com, just like you enjoyed the amazing background images on bing.com.quickonlinetips.com, How to Add Background Image to Google.com, Jun 2010

You should read the whole article.

Update on this post:
Google had stop this feature, for reasons that Google had received a bunch of complaints about it. Users have thought that the background is not optional.

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