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Plurk: Micro-blogging on a timeline

Micro-blogging is a type of blogging . It’s just that micro-blogging varies on the length of content.  As the term “micro” which means extremely small,  a microblog may hold simple statements like “I love the Philippines”, “I need to see her now” etcetera etcetera…

Plurk(www.plurk.com )offers a free micro-blogging service with a twist, aside from sharing your thoughts on a length of 140 text characters, you may also add up some Youtube clips, links, and photos. Moreover, your updates or otherwise known as Plurks, floats on a timeline in which you can control by scrolling up and down.

Plurk Karma

karma 100

Almost everyone at Plurk are so concious about their Karma points, you’ll always see someone on your timeline chatting about a Karma drop or up. Karma points allows you to revolutionize some features of Plurk and access exclusive emoticons that you could add up on your Plurks.

How to dig up more Karma?

Here are some tips that you may consider:

  • First of all you need to understand how Plurk deals with Karma. Read this page http://www.plurk.com/Help/karmaHelp. Following those simple tips would surely gain you more karma.
  • Learn to mingle. Try to be nice with the Plurkers on your timeline. If they respond on your Plurks try to acknowledge them.
  • Don’t Plurk continuously, as if that you are flooding others timeline. Some plurkers may unfollow you, in which would lead to a Karma drop.
  • Some say that if you use Plurk mobile, earning Karma points is faster.

No matter how, no matter what…. don’t think about Karma too much. Plurk is not about Karma it’s a micro blogging service that allows you to send updates. I just hate those who uses BOTS and those who just keep on posting “BOOST… BOOSTED… please boost back” what the F! If you won’t stop that, Plurk’s database may just end up containing billions of those responses and useless Plurks. Don’t spam, Plurk well!

Helpful websites for your Plurk account

And so, to sum everything  you may add me on your timeline at http://www.plurk.com/japlurk. Happy Plurking! (cozy)(dance)(muhaha).
Fell free to comment (tongue)

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